The Market Timer is edited by Cornelius R. Spahn, who studied Law, Business Administration and Economics in Frankfurt and St. Gallen (Switzerland). At the University of St. Gallen he finished his studies as licentiatus oeconomiae which equals a master degree. Based on his thesis he started to work on the capability to forecast currency returns and to develop a general quantitative market timing model which fits to all asset markets. The model relies on serial correlation and uses both convex and concave forecasting strategies. It is successfully tested out of sample for different markets. The recommendations based on the forecasts of the model and implemented by various strategies give a return of roughly 20% p.a. in the period from the beginning of 1991 until the present day. At the same time, the short fall risk of the recommended strategies is substantially lower than the relevant risk of a diversified stock market buy and hold alternative. The recommendations are published by a weekly e-mail. You can have a look at the last four editions (here) and register for a free trial subscription to receive the current edition at an early date (here).